Channel FIESTAR (2013-11-28 - 2014-01-16)

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Channel FIESTAR (2013-11-28 - 2014-01-16)

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Channel FIESTAR is a reality/variety show that aired from November 2013 to January 2014. It features the K-pop girl group FIESTAR with members Jei (leader), Linzy, Yezi, Hyemi, Cheska, and Cao Lu.

The show centers around the theme of Fiestar having a dedicated television channel. Each episode is split into three parts, totaling around 50 minutes of runtime, typically with multiple segments per part.

Each segment is considered a show, and "advertisements" featuring the members are randomly dispersed throughout an episode. Segments range from reality TV-type shows ("Pair", which puts the members through a speed dating routine, and "FIESTAR Healing and Killing", where half the members take a trip to Osaka, Japan) to their private lives ("Goosebumps Experts") to silly games with punishments ("FIESTAR Arcade").

Channel FIESTAR is quite enjoyable. The interaction among the members and the variety parts of the show are reminiscent of Hello! Morning. It also helps that LOEN Entertainment subtitled the show in both English and Chinese.

Season 1<ul class="bbc">[*]Episode 1<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: VJ Fiestar (Jei, morning apartment raid)[*]Part 2: Pair (speed dating intro, member introduction), Korean Reading Glasses (Linzy)[*]Part 3: FIESTAR Music & Talk (Charice - "Pyramid" cover by Linzy, Bumkey - "Bad Girl" cover by Hyemi), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Jei)[/list][*]Episode 2<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: FIESTAR Today's Weather (weather parody), Korean Reading Glasses (Hyemi), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Cheska)[*]Part 2: Pair (lunch, games)[*]Part 3: Pair (final talk and pair decision)[/list][*]Episode 3<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: hidden camera (lying for a stranger)[*]Part 2: FIESTAR Arcade (shout in silence, between the rooms, between the cheeks + punishment)[*]Part 3: Goosebumps Expert (Hyemi), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Hyemi)[/list][*]Episode 4<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: Food vs. Food (cooking battle: American, Korean, Chinese), Korean Reading Glasses (Cheska)[*]Part 2: Goosebumps Expert (Hyemi, cont.)[*]Part 3: FIESTAR Sports (bowling), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Linzy)[/list][*]Episode 5<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: FIESTAR Sports (snow relay), "All I Want For Christmas is You" cover[*]Part 2: Jingle Bell Challenge (word games)[*]Part 3: FIESTAR Find the Person (hide and seek in a mall), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Yezi)[/list][*]Episode 6<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: FIESTAR Physiognomy[*]Part 2: FIESTAR Arcade (ostrich belief, slap match, counting money + punishment), Korean Reading Glasses (Jei)[*]Part 3: Goosebumps Expert (Jei), FIESTAR Quiz Show (Cao Lu)[/list][*]Episode 7<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: Goosebumps Expert (Cao Lu), FIESTAR Today's Weather (member moods)[*]Part 2: FIESTAR Healing and Killing (trip to Japan, airport currency exchange)[*]Part 3: FIESTAR Healing and Killing (finding train passes, Osaka Castle), Korean Reading Glasses (Yezi)[/list][*]Episode 8<ul class="bbc">[*]Part 1: Korean Reading Glasses (Cao Lu), FIESTAR Healing and Killing (lost at the station, Kiyomizu-dera)[*]Part 2: FIESTAR Healing and Killing (Osaka House Museum, Killing team play games for food, Tempozan Ferris Wheel ride)[*]Part 3: FIESTAR Healing and Killing (return to Korea), FIESTAR Today's Weather (member messages), season recap[/list][/list]
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Re: Channel FIESTAR (2013-11-28 - 2014-01-16)

Post by hopeislove »

I've really liked fiestar since late August and them doing the "Channel ___" type show was a great thing for them. I've seen Bangtan Boys' "Channel" also and I love the different segments and how it showcases the different sides of each member. From the comments on Youtube, Loen has upped their international popularity more through A-HA and Channel Fiestar, and I hope they continue to do so. Although "I Really Don't Know" wasn't their best title track, I hope next comeback we get a mini album and a better title track just for the sake of them. Going back to the point, it made me almost cry to see it end (although i usually do that in the last episode of a show).
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