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Re: Crayon Pop

Post by JPope »

<blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Shoujo Q" data-cid="218072" data-time="1562687075">
I'm sure the big companies are better at handling their talent
Given SM's endless history of getting sued by their artists, YG currently being embroiled in one of the biggest sex trafficking, drug and sexual assault scandals in Korean entertainment history and JYP being connected to a cult... I don't know about that lol.  It's pretty much a crap shoot either way!
Holy shit, I didn't know anything about YG. Yang Hyun-suk actually stepped down from his own company a couple of weeks ago. Some of the "scandals" are rather quaint by American standards -- OMFG, G-Dragon smoked POT!; a company plied potential investors with hookers!, STOP THE PRESSES! -- but the shit with Seungri and the nightclub is disturbing if true. 
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Re: Crayon Pop

Post by Ap2000 »

Just another reason why all kpop boybands should be banned and their hardcore lunatic fans be put into prison.  :cop:
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Re: Crayon Pop

Post by WonderBuono »

<blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Ap2000" data-cid="218088" data-time="1562836821">
Just another reason why their hardcore lunatic fans be put into prison. :cop:</blockquote>

I would at least support this 100%.

Or at least therapy for the ones who aren’t stalkers but are just unhealthily obsessed lol.
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Re: Crayon Pop

Post by Anderei »

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How the hell do you owe money after an North American tour opening for Lady Gaga? "Since you couldn't do any events while you were there, you owe us money." Bitch, opening for Gaga were the events.</blockquote>
They probably did it for free or low cost for publicity.

Their company is stupid though. They should have known that running around dancing with helmets on for a year wasn’t going to lead to any long term success.
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Re: Crayon Pop

Post by momoirosaya »

Crayon Pop Members (minus Ellen) at Soyul’s House with her daughter JamJam (real name Heeyul) on The Return of Superman.
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