K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

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K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by Derby »

It's actually just a list of your favorite releases of this year, like one year ago!

Since MM'15 was a bit boring and Kobushi weren't as active as I would have liked, ANGERME was the only thing that kept me interested in H!P. So, I had the need to crawl back to my K-pop habitat that I left to introduce myself to J-pop. Because of that, this year's list is twice as big as the one I made for 2014, good job 2015.
Top 3:
1. IU - Zezé ····· Thanks to the controversy over this song, I gave it a listen and I loved it so much. To this day I still don't know if it was a stupid witch-hunt or she intended to be incorret, either way I can't put #1 any other song than Zezé.
2. T-ara - So Crazy ····· I'm not even a T-ara fan but I'm always super biased with their songs.
3. SNSD - You think ····· I don't understand why Lion Heart got all the attention honestly. Or why all of their You think performances are pre-recorded.

KARA - Cupid ····· This one flopped so hard but I was obsessed with this song when it came out. If they finally don't renew their contracts this month it will be sad how Cupid was their last song.

SNSD - Check & Sign ····· Sign is the only song I liked from Lion Heart and Check one of the few things that save SNSD this year for me.
Seventeen - Mansae ····· I hope this guys can make it big and I hope Pledis does not fuck them up.
F(x) - 4 Walls ····· I now F(x) always has the highest quality album songs, maybe I should give it a listen.
IU - Twenty-three

Brown Eyed Girls - Brave new world

Nine Muses - Hurt Locker


SNSD - Catch me if you can & Party ····· I know at first I didn't like Party but as catchy as it is, it grew on me a lot. Those 'it's a party' lines are still stupid and pointless tho.

Miss A - Only you ····· Just like Party, I didn't really like this at first but with a couple of listens I started liking this. It's still less than what Miss A can offer but...

Gfriend - Me gustas tú & Glass Bead ····· Their songs aren't even my type but what makes me like them so much is their choreographies

Twice - Like OOH-AHH

Girl's Day - Ring my bell

Taeyeon - I

Brown Eyed Girls - Warm Hole
Nine Muses - Drama

Hello Venus - I'm Ill

AOA - Chocolate


Crayon Pop - FM & Dancing all night

Unpretty Rapstar - Don't Stop

Seventeen - Rock

Red Velvet - Ice-cream Cake

AOA - Heart Attack

Bastarz - Zero for conduct

Amber - Shake that brass

Yezi on Unpretty Rapstar, everything.

Jinusean - Tell me one more time
Stellar - Vibrato


Rainbow - Black Swan ····· I like Rainbow and I've said multiple times that I want them to go back to their A style. This is a nice change, it's not sweet or sugary at all but it's not what I was waiting for. I hope they can release A 2.0 before disbanding.
4Minute - Crazy ····· Maybe it's because it was an early release that it has ended down here.

Dal Shabet - Joker ····· Just forget that atrocious rap please, just please.

Seventeen - Adore U
RaNia - Demonstrate

Monsta X - Trespass

Bonus Track: Lil Cham

I think that's about it. Once again I'm not interested in EXO. Big Bang had 2 comebacks this year and as I was expecting, no interest on them either, I'm such a hipster.
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by Ap2000 »

~~~ The official MM-BBS Ap2000's 2015 K-pop Awards ~~~

"Best song of the year, any genre, any country" award:
Crayon Pop - FM

"Holy shit WTF are you doing" award:

SNSD (any of their singles)

"I didn't expect anything and still hated it" award:

4Minute - Crazy

"The music video is giving me a boner, but the song is not doing it for me" award:

T-ara - So crazy

Runner-up: SNSD - Party

"The music video is giving me a boner and so is the great song" award:

Stellar - Vibrato

"Where are you? I used to like your stuff!" award:
Runner-up: Kara, but they actually did some stuff. It was just all really boring.
Runner-runner-up (well aren't I a jerk): Girl's Day. Ring my bell was such a bad song.

"Probably the styliest MV of the year" award:

Rainbow - Black Swan

"Still not giving a shit" award:

Nearly every nugu group after Bestie.
Oh an ui.

"Saddest weight loss" award:

EXID's Hani
"Catchier than it has any right to be" award:
Jimin - Puss
"Wow, this made me realize I love plastic! The song isn't bad either" award:
Pocket Girls - Bang Bang
"Most anatomically correct K-pop music video of the year" award:
JYP - Who's your momma?

"There are many waifus, but this is my waifu and she is the prettiest waifus of all waifus. Also, fuck your waifu." award:

Taeyeon in I.
"Not even my waifu can save this garbage" award:

Manber - Shake that brass

"Best K-pop song not released this year" award:
T-ara - Sugar Free (Live version because I don't want to get sued when somebody gets a seizure from the MV)
There you have it, 6 things I didn't like this year, 9 things I liked.
I also liked Wonder Girls' I feel you and Twice's debut.
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by aine »

<blockquote class="ipsBlockquote">21:04 - Ap2000: It is time for you to write "s the only K-pop song I remember from 2015, but I like it so much that it could make up for a whole year devoid of other music."
22:15 - aine: I'm afraid
22:15 - aine: that post would be empty
22:15 - aine: because I heard like 0 kpop in 2015</blockquote> 
To clarify, I meant 0 songs released in 2015 that I would remember. Sorry, Korea, no cookie this time (but I'll use Derby's links to perhaps find something memorable).
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by Zaeleus »

Top Picks<ul class="bbc">[*]Lovelyz - Ah-Choo. Girl group of the year. They have a series of great songs ("Candy Jelly Love", "Hi~", etc.), they do random a cappella covers of English songs, their web show is entertaining, and extra points to their company for translating everything.[*]Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb. "Cheeseball!" When this was released, I wasn't convinced with its repetitiveness and barrage of Michael Jackson puns, but it turned out to be a real earworm. So many dumb dumbs.[*]Oh My Girl - Closer. A well-done electro ballad that probably went unnoticed because OMG's lack of popularity. Fun fact: The choreography incorporates various zodiac constellations.[*]APink - Petal. The music video is overwhelmingly cute; and the song, better than "Remember".[*]Lim Kim - Awoo. A great synthpop track produced by Primary. This song also made it onto some global best songs of the year lists.[*]Jay Park - Solo (Feat. Hoody). As much as I like Yezi in the Unpretty Rapstar 2 remix, Hoody is a much better fit in this song than Loco.[*]Nine Muses - Sleepless Night. The piano melody in this one is ace.[*]Shannon - Why Why. Why why was this not more popular? It's super catchy, as expected from MBK.[*]FIESTAR - You're Pitiful. This was very likely a candidate for EXID, but FIESTAR did a fantastic job with it.[/list]Notable<ul class="bbc">[*]Primary - Don't Be Shy (Feat. Choa (AOA), IRON). My primary k-reggae song of the year. (Choa, that's not how you play Pokemon.)[*]Kisum - You & Me (feat. Jooyoung). (I'm convinced Yuri's flamingo in "Party" caused a rise in inflatable flamingo sales.)[*]Hello Venus - I'm ill. Club banger of the year. "That's ill!"[*]LABOUM - AALOW AALOW. A better retro attempt than Wonder Girls' "I Feel You". ;) (WG tangent: After the amazing teasers, all I wanted was a hard rock concept. :( They could have easily pulled it off!)[*]2EYES - PIPPI. A surprise comeback after being MIA for 3 years. The rapper makes this song.[*]D.Holic - Chewy. A hot beat for summer when it was released.[*]A.KOR - Always. A group that's unfortunately hated by 2NE1 fans (see the like/dislike ratio for anything with Kemy), but their songs are very consistent.[*]ANDA - Touch. Touch touch touch touch touch touch touch[*]MAMAMOO - Hit Song Melody (live). Also overall an amazing performance.[*]TWICE - Like OOH-AHH. I think I'm more impressed at how popular they've become in such a short period of time. Obligatory spring rolls.[*]Stellar - Vibrato. You can never go wrong with that sweet, sweet Sweetune sound. It makes you wonder if this would have gone to Nine Muses if they were still working with them. (As an aside, Stellar is currently crowdfunding their next album.)[*]myB - My Oh My. A group with an incredibly goofy personality. They were very quick to already have a reality show on MTV (Lee Jung's my Baby), so I'm curious of their future.[*]Younha - Thinking About You (Prod. by Lee Chan Hyuk of Akdong Musician). See also Younha - Hashtag (Prod. by Tablo).[/list]Show Me The Money/Unpretty Rapstar<ul class="bbc">[*]UR1: Kisum, San E, Tae Wan - Superstar (Prod. by D.O)[*]Post-UR1: Jessi - SSENUNNI, Jimin n J.Don - GOD[*]SMTM4: Basick - Stand Up (feat. MAMAMOO)[*]Post-SMTM4: Lil Boi, Basick - Call Me (feat. Hwa Sa)[*]UR2: KittiB - RRF (Ronda Rousey Flow). This performance is so intense.[*]Most savage UR2 diss battle: Yezi vs Sua (subbed)[*]Most infuriating UR2 diss battle: Yezi vs Truedy (subbed). (Truedy failed to diss her opponent yet still won the match.)[*]Post-UR2: Yezi - Crazy Dog (feat. San E). (Bonus: Yezi - Zombie 3: Hero - Z-Noid (Counter-Strike Online).)[/list]
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by showraniy »

Taeyeon's "I" is the only thing that mattered this year! That's my vote.
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by strawberryjam »

The only song that mattered to me - Shinhwa - Sniper:shlick:
This was also the year that Shinhwa finally won the rights to their name, lol.
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by Anderei »

I'll do a better version later but I just wanted to say I really like T-ara's song even though it wasn't good and nobody ever hit those high notes live.
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Re: K-pop Census 2015 Top Giveaway Ranking K-pop Favorite 2015 Census Songs

Post by WonderBuono »

Too lazy to make a list, but best song of the year imo: The Little Prince. Sooo underrated; wish more people knew about it.
Honorable mentions: Cupid (Oh My Girl), and Like Ooh-Ahh (Twice). Those were the two that stood out enough for me to remember them without looking up "2015 K-pop songs".
Also, Wonder Girls comeback. <3
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